Options for the IFAD-IFPRI Partnership in Ghana

The IFAD-IFPRI Partnership is currently developing a work plan for its efforts in Ghana, one of the initial partner countries. Preliminary discussions among team members produced a list nine possible activities for engaging with in-country collaborators in Ghana. They include the following:

  1. Baseline survey for Northern Rural Growth Program (NRGP) and analysis of recent surveys;
  2. Survey of District Agricultural Development Units (DADU) for NRGP
  3. Survey of agro-input dealers in the north
  4. Geographic information system (GIS) support
  5. Impact evaluation of road improvements carried out under NRGP
  6. Impact evaluation of market information provided through mobile phones
  7. Study of cassava contracting
  8. Study of economic and financial returns to cassava processing
  9. Review of contract enforcement problem and potential solutions
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