Partnership Update: July 2010

The IFAD-IFPRI Partnership has been launched as a three-year project in Ghana, Morocco, Mozambique, and Vietnam involving three components: promoting access to high-value commodity markets, climate change mitigation, and program support and communications. The objective of the partnership is to combine the practical, grass-roots development experience of IFAD with IFPRI’s applied policy research skills to improve the effectiveness of each institution.

For the market access component of the project, different IFAD projects within each country were identified for inclusion in the partnership. Priority was given to projects involving agricultural marketing, particularly of high-value commodities, and to projects that are about to begin or were recently launched so that IFPRI could participate in baseline surveys or other tasks to inform the development of the project. Broader research activities that might guide the implementation of the projects and create a stronger link with the policy process were also included. Each country’s focus and activities are outlined below.

Ghana: the project focuses on supply chain development, agricultural productivity, and rural investments and involves an assessment of high-value agriculture in Ghana, a baseline survey, and an impact evaluation of the Northern Rural Growth Programme (NRGP) and Roots and Tubers Improvement and Marketing Programme (RTIMP) projects.

Morocco: the project focuses on Morocco’s newly launched agricultural strategy (the Plan Maroc vert) and involves the identification of recommended development domains, contract farming experiments, assessment of trade policy options, and capacity development in agricultural trade policy analysis.

Mozambique: the project focuses on IFAD’s Rural Markets Promotion Program (PROMER) and their Sofala Bank Artisanal Fisheries Project (SBAF) and involves an analysis of the impacts of SBAF, identification of commodities with potential for market development, contract farming experiments, and a baseline study for impact evaluation of PROMER.

Vietnam: the project focuses on diversification into high-value agriculture and involves an analysis of patterns and trends in high-value agriculture, identification of development domains, and improvement of the current monitoring and evaluation system.

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