Capacity Strengthening Activities In Morocco

Advanced Training In Trade Policy Modeling Held at the Institut Agronome Et Vétérinaire (IAV) Hassan II in Rabat, Morocco

First Row (L to R): Mathilde Douillet, Marcelle Thomas, Abdelouahed Marrakchi, Mohamed Chaboune. Second Row: Rachida Idamine, Ibrahimi Jaouad Drissi, Abdessamad Mouddakir, Noura Charrat, Samira El Messari, Antoine Bouët, Samir Hamliri

From March 15th-20th of 2010 IFPRI organized Advanced Training in Trade Policies Modeling for civil servants at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Office of Cereals.

Mr. Mohamad Ait-Kadi, President of the General Council of Agricultural Development, Morocco, supported the training.

Mr. Rachid Doukkali, professor at the Institut Agronomique et Veterinaire (IAV) Hassan II, not only assisted in supervising the organization and logistics of the Advanced Training in Trade Policies Modeling, but also preceded it with a week of initiaition to the modeling systems GAMS (General Algebraic Modeling System) and CGE (Computable General Equilibrium). 

Each morning, Antoine Bouet lectured on issues relating to trade policies, trade negotiations and their economic effects. A large part of the lectures focused on the database MAcMAPHS6 (measuring bilateral protection in the world) and the global economy model MIRAGE.

The lecture on MIRAGE led to an intense discussion on the effects of protection and trade liberalization on various economies, in particular: Morocco.

In the afternoon, Marcelle Thomas, research analyst at IFPRI, presented the technical tools needed to access and use the database, and then formulate the various trade policies. The program TASTE, one of the tools developed by David Laborde and Mark Horridge, offered a relatively simple way to access and use this database.

The training team provided TASTE, MAcMAPHS6 and a standard version of MIRAGE to the Moroccan participants. In addition, IFPRI negotiated with GAMS to access a temporary teaching license for the program.

The week of training was very successful, allowing for numerous discussions on the economic consequences of trade policies.

Back at IFPRI, the training team followed up with exercises sent electronically to the participants, intended to reinforce the various technical aspects of the training presented by Marcelle Thomas.

As reported by: Marcelle Thomas

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