New IFPRI Publications on Climate Change

IFPRI released two new sets of briefs and a discussion paper on climate change in Africa. These study results offer insights into mitigation that are relevant to the climate change component of the IFAD-IFPRI Strategic Partnership Program.

The paper, Agricultural management for climate change adaptation, greenhouse gas mitigation, and agricultural productivity: Insights from Kenya, examines synergies among the strategies used by poor, smallholder farmers in Kenya to mitigate and adapt to climate change, ensure food security for the growing population, and improve livelihoods.  Click here to read similar publications about the associated, World Bank-funded project Adaptation to Climate Change for Smallholder Agriculture in Kenya.

Several briefs have been added to the set of briefs that is entitled How can African agriculture adapt to climate change? Insights from Ethiopia and South Africa. The now-complete set of 20 briefs analyzes adaptation to climate change at various scales—from the local to the global.

The discussion paper, Simulating the impact of climate change and adaptation strategies on farm productivity and income: A bioeconomic analysis, provides results from a farm-level study in Tunisia. It aims at understanding the effects of climate change on agricultural productivity and income in Africa.

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