Agriculture & Rural Development Day at the COP17

Agriculture & Rural Development Day 2010 Photo by Neil Palmer (CIAT)

Many of the climate change issues addressed by the IFAD-IFPRI Partnership Program will be the subject of discussions at a major agriculture and rural development event to be held on December 3 in parallel to the COP17 in Durban, South Africa.

Agriculture & Rural Development Day 2010 Photo by Neil Palmer (CIAT)

The third-annual Agriculture and Rural Development Day 2011 is a one-day gathering of policymakers, negotiators, rural development practitioners, farmers, journalists, and representatives of civil society and the  scientific community that will focus on “climate-smart” agriculture, using case studies from Africa—but also Asia and beyond—to demonstrate ways in which smallholder farmers can adapt to and mitigate climate change through, for example, more sustainable crop production, livestock rearing, and management of soils, water, fish, forests, agroforestry species, and other biodiversity.

Agriculture & Rural Development Day Photo: Neil Palmer (CIAT)

In addition to knowledge sharing, the goal of the event is to draw the attention of climate change negotiators to agriculture, which has yet to be explicitly addressed in international climate agreements.  Greenhouse emissions (direct and indirect) from the sector account for more than the energy and transport sectors combined, about one-third of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions globally.  ARDD hopes to reiterate the message that any serious effort to reduce GHG emissions must include agriculture.

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