Mozambique Workshop Draws 50 Participants

The Workshop

The IFAD-IFPRI Partnership Programme organized a policy dialogue workshop on August 17, 2011 in Maputo, Mozambique. The workshop, Climate Change Mitigation and Access to Markets in Mozambique: Policies and Organizational Architecture, brought together approximately 50 decisionmakers and stakeholders from key institutions working on climate change issues and carbon market interventions. The objectives of the workshop were threefold:

  1. To share experiences and discuss opportunities pertaining to smallholder farmers’ access to high-value commodity markets;
  2. To exchange ideas on and share experiences of different climate change and carbon market interventions that are currently being carried out in Mozambique; and
  3. To receive feedback on initial findings to come out of assessment scans of key Mozambican institutions involved in climate change and market access policy and program formulation and implementation.

Victorino Xavier, MINAG/DE

After a welcome and introduction by Victorino Xavier, the National Director of the Directorate of Economics, Mozambique Ministry of Agriculture, Custódio Mucavele, IFAD, and Teunis van Rheenen, IFPRI,  provided an overview of the IFAD-IFPRI Partnership Programme. This session was followed by 10 presentations:

The proceedings of the policy dialogue workshop can be accessed by clicking here (in English) or here (in Portuguese).

Sónia da Silveira, MICOA

The following institutions contributed to a successful workshop agenda: Envirotrade, AgriFUTUR, the Ministry for the Coordination of Environmental Affairs (MICOA), the Rural Markets Promotion Programme (PROMER), the Ministry of Agriculture and Directorate of Economics (MINAG/DE), and the University of Edwardo Mondalane.

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