Market Access for All

Photo by Dani Bradford (IFPRI)

Market access, a key IFAD-IFPRI research component, is likely to be the main topic of conversation between small-scale producers, international traders, and policymakers during a four day conference in Ghana at the end of this month.

The 2nd Annual Africa Fairtrade Convention, held in Accra, Ghana from November 22nd – 26th, centers on the theme ‘Effective Trade Partnerships for Sustainable Livelihoods in Africa.’ The question of the week: how can improved trade conditions benefit small-hold African farmers?

During the conference, forum participants will discuss the best ways to improve production and create new opportunities for distribution. In tandem with the Forum, a Fairtrade and Organic Expo will take place where stakeholders can meet to strengthen existing relationships and build new ones.

“From the coffee growers in Uganda to the retailer in the UK – and beyond,” Fairtrade Africa works to foster healthy markets by promoting trade justice, increasing market access, and promoting intra-African trade opportunities. Fairtrade Africa aims to shape a growing African market with equal access for both small producers and large-scale plantations.

For more information on the Africa Fairtrade Convention, click here.

To visit Fairtrade Africa’s homepage, click here.


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