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Protecting Smallholder Farmers

Sustainable smallholder agriculture will be the focus of IFAD’s major annual event, the 2012 Governing Council (Feb. 22-23). The highlight of Sustainable smallholder agriculture: Feeding the world, protecting the planet will be a discussion on Feb. 23 with Bill Gates, co-chair of … Continue reading

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Controversies Over Climate-Smart Agriculture

Climate-smart agriculture is receiving more attention than ever now that agriculture is on the table at global climate talks (see previous blog post). But critics from all over the climate change arena question climate-smart agriculture’s ability to be the three-point solution for … Continue reading

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To Focus on Adaptation or Not to Focus on Adaptation?

That question could define the next decade of development in Mozambique. In their paper Everyday Realities of Climate Change Adaptation in Mozambique, Luis Artur and Dorothea Holhorst paint a disheartening picture of the current issues facing the vulnerable people of Mozambique. … Continue reading

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Impact Evaluation Takes Center Stage for IFAD

This week IFAD has been seriously evaluating the organization’s ability to assess impact and maximize the effectiveness of development programs. Click here to read more.

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IFAD Seminar Video on Impact Evaluation Methods Available

An important IFAD seminar organized to develop a “comprehensive strategy for evaluating and assessing the impact of development projects” was streamed live on January 31, 2012 at the IFAD webcasting site. IFAD asked the question, “How can we use impact evaluation to assure effective use of … Continue reading

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