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The Economics of Rural Infrastructure

In many countries of sub-Saharan Africa, there are large tracts of arable land with significant agricultural potential. Unfortunately, much of this land is located in remote areas that lack access to major markets, so this enormous agronomic potential remains untapped. … Continue reading

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To Focus on Adaptation or Not to Focus on Adaptation?

That question could define the next decade of development in Mozambique. In their paper Everyday Realities of Climate Change Adaptation in Mozambique, Luis Artur and Dorothea Holhorst paint a disheartening picture of the current issues facing the vulnerable people of Mozambique. … Continue reading

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Big Steps for Agriculture in Climate Talks

Twenty-five Agricultural organizations band together to show agriculture’s potential to mitigate climate change effects and promote food security. Participant organizations in Agriculture and Rural Development Day, 2011, addressed a letter to the climate change negotiators of COP17, calling on them … Continue reading

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Major Gathering of African Ag Ministers Pushes for Ag Agenda at COP17

South Africa’s Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries organized a gathering this week of Africa’s agriculture ministers to push for the inclusion of agriculture on the COP17  agenda. “Agriculture should be accorded the due priority it deserves, especially in Africa,” said … Continue reading

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