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Market Access for All

Market access, a key IFAD-IFPRI research component, is likely to be the main topic of conversation between small-scale producers, international traders, and policymakers during a four day conference in Ghana at the end of this month. The 2nd Annual Africa … Continue reading

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Recent IFPRI Policy Note Offers Lessons from Kenya

A recent IFPRI policy note, Agricultural Land Management: Capturing Synergies Among Climate Change Adaptation, Greenhouse Gas Mitigation & Agricultural Productivity, identifies win-win-win strategies among agriculture adaptation, mitigation, and profitability that are applicable to the IFAD-IFPRI case study countries Ghana, Morocco, and Mozambique. … Continue reading

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Spotlight On: Ghana

Economic reforms in Ghana have been successful in promoting investment and trade and maintaining a healthy pace of economic growth. Nonetheless, the distribution of benefits from economic growth has been uneven. For example, poverty rates in the northern regions of … Continue reading

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Partnership Update: July 2010

The IFAD-IFPRI Partnership has been launched as a three-year project in Ghana, Morocco, Mozambique, and Vietnam involving three components: promoting access to high-value commodity markets, climate change mitigation, and program support and communications. The objective of the partnership is to … Continue reading

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Trade and Exports in Ghana

Among the four countries that we study, the importance of agriculture in the economy is highest in Ghana, with agricultural exports accounting for 49% of total exports in 2008. Ghana’s agricultural and total exports more than doubled over the period … Continue reading

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Bilateral Agricultural Trade with the EU and the US

Although the relative importance of agricultural trade has generally been declining and other trade partners are becoming more important, the EU and the US have continued to be significant export markets for our four focus countries. (As shown in the … Continue reading

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Options for the IFAD-IFPRI Partnership in Ghana

The IFAD-IFPRI Partnership is currently developing a work plan for its efforts in Ghana, one of the initial partner countries. Preliminary discussions among team members produced a list nine possible activities for engaging with in-country collaborators in Ghana. They include … Continue reading

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