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Recent IFPRI Policy Note Offers Lessons from Kenya

A recent IFPRI policy note, Agricultural Land Management: Capturing Synergies Among Climate Change Adaptation, Greenhouse Gas Mitigation & Agricultural Productivity, identifies win-win-win strategies among agriculture adaptation, mitigation, and profitability that are applicable to the IFAD-IFPRI case study countries Ghana, Morocco, and Mozambique. … Continue reading

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Capacity Strengthening Activities In Morocco

Advanced Training In Trade Policy Modeling Held at the Institut Agronome Et Vétérinaire (IAV) Hassan II in Rabat, Morocco From March 15th-20th of 2010 IFPRI organized Advanced Training in Trade Policies Modeling for civil servants at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Office of Cereals. … Continue reading

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Spotlight On: Morocco

The IFAD-IFPRI program allows complementary synergies to take place between the program’s activities and an IFAD portfolio of loans and grant programs currently being implemented in Morocco. Moreover, the country has taken on several climate change adaptation and mitigation initiatives … Continue reading

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Partnership Update: July 2010

The IFAD-IFPRI Partnership has been launched as a three-year project in Ghana, Morocco, Mozambique, and Vietnam involving three components: promoting access to high-value commodity markets, climate change mitigation, and program support and communications. The objective of the partnership is to … Continue reading

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Trade and Exports in Morocco

Morocco’s total exports increased in value between 2002 and 2008, reaching 32% annual export growth in 2008 only to fall by nearly 32% in 2009 following the financial crisis. The value of agricultural exports also increased over the period, but … Continue reading

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Bilateral Agricultural Trade with the EU and the US

Although the relative importance of agricultural trade has generally been declining and other trade partners are becoming more important, the EU and the US have continued to be significant export markets for our four focus countries. (As shown in the … Continue reading

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