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Improving Market Access and Commercialization: Assessment of Scenarios with Policy Analysis Matrix

On July 25th at 9:00 am (EST), Shahidur Rashid, senior research fellow, Markets Trade and Institutions Division, IFPRI, delivered a livestreamed seminar on “Market Access and Commercialization.” A copy of the PowerPoint presentation has been made available on this site … Continue reading

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To Focus on Adaptation or Not to Focus on Adaptation?

That question could define the next decade of development in Mozambique. In their paper Everyday Realities of Climate Change Adaptation in Mozambique, Luis Artur and Dorothea Holhorst paint a disheartening picture of the current issues facing the vulnerable people of Mozambique. … Continue reading

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Workshop to be Held in Maputo

Climate Change and Access to Markets in Mozambique If rural poverty is to be reduced , smallholder producers in Mozambique will require better access to high-value agriculture markets. At the same time, they will need to overcome emerging challenges to … Continue reading

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Recent IFPRI Policy Note Offers Lessons from Kenya

A recent IFPRI policy note, Agricultural Land Management: Capturing Synergies Among Climate Change Adaptation, Greenhouse Gas Mitigation & Agricultural Productivity, identifies win-win-win strategies among agriculture adaptation, mitigation, and profitability that are applicable to the IFAD-IFPRI case study countries Ghana, Morocco, and Mozambique. … Continue reading

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Spotlight On: Mozambique

Increasing the rural poor’s access to markets for agricultural products is among the main priorities of the Mozambique government. The leading goal is to integrate smallholder agriculture and artisanal fisheries into the market economy and turn them into profitable economic … Continue reading

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Partnership Update: July 2010

The IFAD-IFPRI Partnership has been launched as a three-year project in Ghana, Morocco, Mozambique, and Vietnam involving three components: promoting access to high-value commodity markets, climate change mitigation, and program support and communications. The objective of the partnership is to … Continue reading

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Trade and Exports in Mozambique

After a steady increase between 2002 and 2006, growth of Mozambique’s total exports slowed down dramatically in 2007, picked up slightly in 2008 and fell in 2009 with the financial crisis. Agricultural exports collapsed in 2007 with the fall in … Continue reading

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